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Dayspring Christian Preschool

Dayspring Christian Preschool




At Dayspring Christian Preschool, our mission is to partner with families to create a Christ-centered environment that nurtures a love for learning in each child.  Our program is grounded in Christian values, and strives to give each child a warm, safe and secure environment in which he or she will develop socialization skills, independence and a positive self image.


  • Social Emotional: To help children develop independence, self control, follow rules and routines, make frineds and learn what it means to be a part of a group.  To help young children acquire language to express their feelings and make their needs known.
  • Physical: To increase children's large muscle skills such as balancing, running, jumping, throwing and catching.  To use the small muscles in their hands to do tasks like buttoning, stringing beads, cutting, drawing and writing.
  • Cognitive: To acquire thinking skills such as the ability to solve problems, to predict, to ask questions, and to draw conclusions.  This is done by sorting, classifying, comparing, counting, making patterns, and by using materials and their imagination to show what they have learned.
  • Language: To use words to communicate with others.  To listen and participate in conversation with others.  Reading is an essential key in the development of language.  Building blocks for reading include sense of story, rhyming, retelling stories and conversation.  These activities help children notice the sound and structure of words, laying a foundation for reading.  Literacy is integrated into all facets of the curriculum.




Mar 24, 2019
Dayspring Youth PM



You have lots of choices when it comes to churches. But, One size or style does NOT fit all. We understand that. Our goal is to stay a long way away from the two dominant reasons some people avoid church…dull and irrelevant. We try hard to be neither.

By the time you spend an hour or so on site at Dayspring we hope you will sense the energy, purpose and importance that we place on our times together. We attempt to help connect you with God and others around you.

Excellence in the areas of Worship, Children and Teens constitute our priorities. We have recently added to that our passion to connect with and serve our surrounding communities.

We want a person’s church experience to be positive, informative, friendly, supportive and related to life issues. Come join us for this wonderful journey.

Steve Wilson, Senior Pastor


2431 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd.
Marion, Ohio 43302

Two Worship Times
to Choose From:
9:15am & 10:45am