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Who Are We

What is our DNA, or as some ask, “What in the world is a Wesleyan church?”

Our roots are in the Methodist tradition, from which we emerged in 1843, as a socially engaged group, especially over the issues of slavery and women’s right.

Five respected Methodists had been lobbying to change views within the church over the owning of slaves. These saw such practices as violating the principles of scripture and the laws of creation. Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, (hence the name Wesleyan) had battled slavery in his native England, along with John Wilberforce.

Early Wesleyans helped champion the cause of the Underground Railroad, a system of liberating slaves and relocating them in the northern states and Canada.

Regarding women’s rights and the movement, the very first women’s rights convention in America was held in 1948, in Seneca Falls, New York, in a Wesleyan chapel! After those early days of social engagement, the Wesleyan movement shifted its attention to more of an inward spiritual growth movement, and personal holiness became the focus.

In recent years, the Wesleyans have been seeking a healthy balance of spiritual and social transformation within the individual and community. That describes a portion of our vision at Dayspring.

Two former Marion congregations merged and purchased 30 acres, our current site in east Marion. In 1990, the first building was started and several facilities later we are blessed with space for a wide variety of activities and ways to serve the church and the community.

2431 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd, Marion, Ohio 43302
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