2431 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd.
Marion, OH 43302

Service times

1st Worship Service: 9:15 am
2nd Worship Service: 10:45 am

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Tues - Fri, 9:00AM-4:00PM
Why Choose Dayspring Preschool?

Why Choose Dayspring Preschool?


1.        Staff – Our outstanding teachers have superb experience and degrees in Elementary Education and Preschool Development.

2.       Style – Our learning approach is hands-on, active and exploration oriented.  Choices, questions and individualized direction make this a customized socialization and learning experience. 

3.       Faith Based – With sensitivity to various family backgrounds, we integrate the basic biblical concepts of a loving and creative God who brings meaning to all things, including his personal interest and help most fully offered in Jesus Christ.

4.       Environment – The actual facility is first rate and child friendly, and the context is geared toward the safety and enjoyment of your child.

5.       Rates – We are priced for affordability and for multiple – child families.  See the rates information in this brochure.

6.       Location – We are conveniently located, just east of Rt. 23, on Rt. 95.  We serve not only Marion, but Mt. Gilead and everything in between, as well as the towns and rural areas north of Delaware.

7.       Technology – Smart boards, computers and other electronics create interest for the children, and also familiarize them with technologies that will be vital, if not essential in their future training and lives.




Apr 25, 2019
Stay-n-Play Story Day
Apr 30, 2019
DW Playzone Open Play



You have lots of choices when it comes to churches. But, One size or style does NOT fit all. We understand that. Our goal is to stay a long way away from the two dominant reasons some people avoid church…dull and irrelevant. We try hard to be neither.

By the time you spend an hour or so on site at Dayspring we hope you will sense the energy, purpose and importance that we place on our times together. We attempt to help connect you with God and others around you.

Excellence in the areas of Worship, Children and Teens constitute our priorities. We have recently added to that our passion to connect with and serve our surrounding communities.

We want a person’s church experience to be positive, informative, friendly, supportive and related to life issues. Come join us for this wonderful journey.


2431 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd.
Marion, Ohio 43302

Two Worship Times
to Choose From:
9:15am & 10:45am