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The curriculum of Dayspring Christian Preschool adheres to the guidelines defined by the state of Ohio’s preschool curriculum in cognitive, social and skill development.

  • Our preschool addresses skill development through direct teaching.
  • We offer a thematic approach to learning that will stimulate and challenge your child through the active exploration of materials through interaction with other children and the teacher.
  • Our program allows children to become active learners while given choices.  Each child is viewed as a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of growth and development.
  • Our hands-on curriculum encourages children to listen, ask questions, express themselves and discuss concerns about their problems.

Our faith based curriculum is designed to address skill development in three / four years olds and four / five year olds through active exploration and interaction.

It is our desire to provide and excellent learning facility with the use of cutting edge technology and creative lesson planning.  Our four / five year old class will focus on kindergarten readiness skills using many types of manipulative and learning modalities.